The Premiere Wheel Machining Shop in the Valley

Want to dress up your car with custom wheels? Here at Arizona Custom Machine, we can help you make your project come true. We can machine your wheels to fit most any vehicle, from center bores to bolt patterns and offset. We provide comprehensive machining services, including custom spacers , adapters , hub rings or what ever it takes to fit your needs. No matter what your wheel specs are, I can come up with a finished product that reflects what you have in mind.

My Mission

Since my company was established in 1997, I’ve made it my goal to always deliver top-notch services with quality workmanship and out standing parts. Work with me, and rest assured that I will deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

What Sets Me Apart

My Experience

I have been machining for over 38 years with over 12,000 wheels machined and modified. In this time, I’ve been able to develop the knowledge I need to excel in the field. Ultimately, it’s because of my skills that I can cater to just about anyone, including large companies across the US.

My Flexibility

Need my machining services for other purposes? No problem. Aside from wheels, I can machine most anything from gun parts to wheels to robot parts in a variety of materials and even fabracation with no job being to small.

My Approach

This family-owned business allows me to utilize a personal approach when serving clients. Expect me to work closely with you to ensure that I completely understand your requirements.

My Rates

Leave your machining needs to me, and get the best bang for the buck. You’ll never go wrong when you depend on me because I offer the best rates in town.

Talk to Me

Contact me in Gilbert, Arizona if you have feedback or inquiries regarding my services. I will reply to you as soon as possible.